Mmoexp - Abilities and X-factors for each group in Madden 21

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    The player that's challenging the other clan can set the rules, but all of the clan members participating will be able to observe the duel options screen and RuneScape gold can add money. There of course would be a limit to this. It would be approximately 100k, to maintain a stable economy. Then when you fight you have something to fight over! Ideas? Wise old man suggested that to stake there must be at least 5 players on each clan. I love it.

    Heb0 had some excellent thoughts. It's a good concept, but there's a few items that need to be addressed: How would the money be divided among gamers, and how would the stake be compensated at the beginning (i.e. will the sum everyone filed be the exact same or could there be differences?) ?

    How can you cancel RWTing? Two players could each go in their clan conversation and battle each other in a 1v1 game. 1 participant would shed purposely, thus transferring 100k into the other Old school runescape gold player. Millions could be transferred in no time at all. Would there be a limit to the amount of money a clan could stake in a specific quantity of time? You say there's a 100k limit per match, but should not there be a limitation to keep clans from staking 1m against each other within a time of, say, fifteen minutes?

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